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About us

BARE BODY BEAUTY co, created by me out of necessity to provide for my children and now has grown into the most rewarding business venture. I never dreamed it would be so well received by everyone.

2014 - and my youngest little miracle baby, Kamdyn was born. Her big brother Linden was mesmerised by her and my heart was full. Being a single mum is hard - the worries, the love, the future, all was running through my head - how was I going to support my family. I had moved to the Southern Highlands after a fast paced corporate career to be close to family and was now feeling a little... well... lost!

I didn't have money to treat myself to skin and body products so one day while my little miss was asleep - I grabbed a used coffee pod and made a body scrub! 

BAM! It worked - it actually worked! My skin felt amazing, I had a new passion and a way to provide for the kids! I immediately enrolled in Cosmeceuticals & Business courses, and the rest as they say is history!


Bare Body Beauty Co is my legacy - I am raising my kids on my own and showing them that anything is possible. You just have to work hard and believe in what you do. This brand is not just about products and business - its a lifestyle, its about our bodies, our skin, our environment and most importantly its about you!

Stay tuned to our website, and social media pages for new product releases and what's happening in the B1 Shop and B2 Production Office - you never know what crazy and amazing concoction I will make up next!

 All the best 

Donna Jennings x