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WINNER of the Environmental Sustainability Award 2 years in a row and counting!

Why did we win?


This was part of our submission to the Wingecarribee Shire Council and they agreed! Our story continues, and every day we make choices to increase the sustaibility of our business and the environment we are in!


We opened our second store in Bowral at The Mill in May 2018 which gave us more opportunities to repurpose more materials, to expand our range and give our customers more space and more products that they can refill to save their packaging.


With the extra space we have added organic herbal teas, which we select from suppliers who have the same passion as us – to use biodegradable packaging and use raw ingredients from sustainably grown farmers. We also pack loose herbal tea into glass jars that can be reused.


We also sell gut-healing probiotic packed Kombucha which we sell on tap so customers can refill their glass bottles every week at a discount. We have developed quite a following for Kombucha as people have come to learn about its health benefits and not buying commercially produced soft drinks.


We installed a rainwater tank for the water needed in our production space and retail area as there wasn’t water available in the building. All taps and sinkware is salvaged. We also have had built and installed a purpose built recycling area to increase the rate of recycling to be correctly sorted for the adjoining business – including a separate food bin for compost and animal feed.


We have also added to the outdoor space of our store with reclaimed and salvaged furniture for seating for the eateries nearby.


With our additional space we also have been able to create a more functional and usable production space and consolidate all our packaging that we can now buy in bulk to save waste and deliveries.


And to reiterate what we have already done:


  • We have sourced better qulaity packaging to increase the repeats of refilling of products for our customers
  • We have fitted out our new store entirely out of salvaged and recycled materials
  • We have employed a staff member to repurpose old blankets and fabrics into face cleansing pads, carry bags, clothing etc
  • We only make our candles with recycled and reclained glass vessels
  • We have introduced a plant range and plant them up in recycled materials boxes and vessels for gift giving.
  • We use only biodegradable cellophane to wrap soaps and other products that may need it for hygeine reasons
  • We supply the public toilets in the adjoining building with natural chemical free handwashes to decrease detergents running into the waterways
  • We continue to make all our skin care products using natural ingredients with no synthetic chemicals

We continue to use biodegradable paper bags at the point of sale and recycled wrapping of our online orders

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